Stephen Ip

Full Stack Developer

CS @ UC Berkeley

About Me

Software Engineer

Hello everyone! My name is Stephen Ip and I recently graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. I enjoy developing projects that appeal to a wide range of users so that many people can benefit from my work. This passion motivates me to work to become a better software developer so that I can better fulfill this goal.

When I'm not grinding away at some code, I enjoy playing video games such as League of Legends, working out, and playing sports. I did swimming for over 6 years and water polo for 4 years during high school. In college, I picked up fencing and table tennis, and really enjoy learning new things.

Please explore my links to get more information about me and take a copy of my resume. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.


My Projects

project img


A full stack web application built with NextJS that aims to slow the progression of Alzheimers through various memory games. The games were built using Javascript and CSS, and their scores are tracked using a MySQL database hosted with AWS RDS. User authentication is handled using JWT and MongoDB. Twilio API is also used to send daily reminders to users to play their games. This app is deployed to Vercel


  • 4 memory games
  • user authentication
  • user dashboard
  • custom profile picture upload
  • match history
  • daily notification reminders
  • player leaderboards
  • MMSE score algorithm
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A full stack web application where users can upload and share various content. It uses Cloudflare Wrangler to build Cloudflare Workers for the backend. Cloudinary was used as a file storage system to handle the various file content types. React was used for the frontend. User authentication was made possible using JWT Authentication and MongoDB. This app is deployed on Heroku


  • supports uploads of various file types
  • post ratings
  • user authentication
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A Python bot that automatically uploads songs played on a radio station. It uses bs4 to web scrape song data, then uploads the songs using Spotify API, records the data using Google Drive API, and runs in a GCP VM instance. Later, the project was upgraded to use MongoDB as its database instead of Google Drive and the script is now hosted using AWS Lambda functions + AWS EventBridge (CloudWatch Events)


  • running since 2020
  • WiLD 94.9
  • 95.3 KUIC
  • Alice @ 97.3
  • 1,000+ followers
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Twitch Clip Bot

A Python bot that automatically uploads the top Twitch clips to its YouTube channel. It uses Twitch API and Reddit API (PRAW) to get the the most popular content, then downloads it locally using youtube-dl, and uploads it using Youtube API. The script is deployed in a VM Instance on Google Cloud Platform


  • fully autonomous
  • top clips from LSF subreddit
  • YouTube quota supports 5 uploads per day
  • 28,000+ views
project img

Portfolio Website

A personal portfolio website built using NextJS and Sass. Google Drive API is used to make sure that the resume on this site is always up to date. This site is deployed to Vercel


  • fully responsive
  • automatic updated resume fetching
  • contact form
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A miniature version control system based on Git built for a CS 61B project in Java


  • commits
  • checkouts
  • branching
  • merging
  • pushing
  • fetching
  • pulling

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